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Made in Germany with specially hardened materials. Ideal for locking and leaving your bike unattended for longer periods of time such as at work or while shopping. 

A hard nut for thieves to crack: the GRANIT™ 460 U-Lock cannot be bent open using jacks or attacked using ice spray.

This U-lock has a lot to offer: the 12mm thick shackle, the housing and the load-bearing parts of the locking mechanism are manufactured using specially hardened steel. When combined with the ABUS Extra Class cylinder, they result in a lock which can rightly be considered the safest way of securing high-value bicycles. The locking mechanism is a stand-out feature: not only is it particularly secure thanks to the double locking system.

The U-lock is classic when it comes to securing bikes, and for good reason. Solid materials and no moving parts outside the lock mechanism are an excellent starting point for the strongest resistance possible. Decades of experience with lock design have made ABUS experts in combining the most resistant materials with unique technology, and consequently one of the leading U-locks manufacturers. 


Hardened 12 mm parabolic shackle
The shackle, the lock body and the structural parts of the locking mechanism are manufactured using specially hardened steel
ABUS Extra Class cylinder with coded reversible key

Operation and use:

Outstanding protection in situations where there is a medium risk of theft
Ideal for securing high-cost bicycles
The longer the length of the shackle is more versatile allowing for locking in more locations.
Includes the ABUS USH 460 universal bracket for easy mounting to your bike.

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