Basil Magnolia Double Pannier Bag MIK Mount

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Meet the waterproof Basil Magnolia Double bag MIK in teal blue. This stylish double pannier has a handy size for storing shopping or other items and is made of sturdy polyester. The total capacity of the bag is 35 litres and with that you can transport a lot of groceries or other everyday essentials.
You can click the bag into a MIK carrier using the pre-assembled MIK adapter plate or, if you do not have one, a MIK carrier plate. With the same level of ease you can click the bag off again. This is handy if you want to remove and reattach your panniers regularly.
The panniers are waterproof and closes by means of a fold and click closure, so if it starts raining while you are cycling, no problem! Your gear stays dry in the Basil Magnolia Double bag.
Thanks to the reflective details on the bag you are more visible in the dark.


With these waterproof bags you have 35L of capacity
The double panniers are easy to mount on the back of the bike.
Including pre-assembled MIK adapter plate, suitable for MIK system carriers or MIK carrier plate.
Ideally suited for an E-bike.
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