BBB Discstop Organic Shimano D03S Brake Pads

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High end brakepads with an organic compound which is pre-sanded and direct ready to use. Good braking power and modulation with minimal noise and reduced rotor wear.

Compatible with:

Deore MT520, MT-420. TRP Quadiem, Quadiem Spec, Quadiem SL, Quadiem Slate, G-Spec, G-Spec DH, G-Spec DH-R, G-Spec Trail, E-Zurich 2.3 and E-Zurich Comp. Tektro Dorado 4p HD, HD-E730, HD-E725, HD-E720, Orion 4p HD-M735 (Front), Orion M745, M750, E-MTB, M841, M840-2, M8310 and M826. Bengal Helix 4X


BBB D03S Brake Pads