BBB ComfortPost Suspension Seat Post

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ComfortPost BSP-41

All about comfort! Make it feel like you're flying! The ComfortPost with our special suspension system makes your ride as comfortable as you have never been before. Due to our EasyMount system, your saddle is on in a few seconds. On your first ride your can feel the comfort of the suspension and you can adjust your seatpost suspension to your own preference and weight. The ComfortPost is certified for e-bikes to make your e-bike ride even more comfortable. 

eBike Certified! You are able to use this seatpost withour worries on your E-bike because it complies with the EN-15194 regulations. This makes your E-bike experience even more comfortable.

Comes with extra coils to optimise the suspension for the riders weight. This makes the seatpost suitable for all different types of riders.

The seatpost comes with a protection sleeve. This sleeve protects the seatpost mechanism against rain and dust. It is finished with a reflective line to give you more visibility when riding your bike.

3 Diameters 27.2mm, 30.9mm and 31.6mm 400mm Long. 

BBB Suspension seat post
Suspension seat post
BBB Suspension post