Ergon Grip GP3

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One of Ergon's top selling grip. Whether mountain bike, fitness bike or touring bike – the GP3’s three-finger bar end has proven itself everywhere adding a second riding position to help with comfort while climbing or touring. Optimized ergonomics and function, highest quality, tested back-friendly. The clamping mechanism makes assembly quick, simple and effective. Approved for carbon handlebars.

Two sizes – for individualised control.

In order to help you maintain perfect control over your bike, your hands should not completely envelop the grip, which is why Ergon offers many grips in two size diameters – Small and Large. The difference refers to the grip width (hand size), meaning a larger hand will have a more positive fit on a thicker grip, while a smaller hand is better fit to a smaller grip. For hand/glove sizes 6.5 to 8.5 we recommend Small, for 8.5 to 10.5 Large usually is better.

Ergon GP3 handlebar grip
ergon ebike grips

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