With a combined 15+ years’ industry experience, our team’s collective eBike knowledge is unsurpassed in the region. We are always happy to answer your eBike questions in person, over the phone or via email. For our most common Q&As, please scroll this page. 

General Questions

They’re fun, you can keep up with fitter friends, you can explore further and for longer. You can replace car journeys, such as your commute or short shop trips. You can save money. Did we mention fun? We could go on for hours!

We only sell our eBikes & regular 'analog' bikes instore to ensure you are always getting the right fit! Visit us at 59 Clyde Street, Whangarei. We’re open every day except Sundays, when we’re out riding instead! 

The first question to ask yourself is “where will I be mainly riding? (what kind of terrain and conditions will I be riding in?)”. There is an eBike design for every rider and prices range from $2k all the way up to $20k so to guide your purchasing decision it is helpful to have a clear idea where you will be riding and what kind of journeys you will be taking on your eBike. There is lots of helpful information and articles available online so we recommend doing your research, and invite you to come and talk to us about your expectations so we can help find the right eBike for you.

Yes, but trust us, you’ll want to. With eBikes you’re in the driving seat, so to speak. Only want to pedal a bit? Then put the pedal assist up high. Got lots of energy? Set it low and get more exercise. It’s all up to you.

Absolutely – more than a traditional bicycle because this one you’ll actually take out of the garage and ride! Study after study shows that regular eBike riders are gaining more physical benefits than non-eBikers.

No. Most eBikes sold in NZ do not charge while you are riding it. In fact, charging while riding may actually slow you down and shorten the distance – the opposite of what an eBike is supposed to do! 

Yes. The choice is yours – pedal power, or battery and pedal power together. The latter actually achieves the best results; just bring in the power when you need it to conquer hills, head winds, and tardiness. 

No - our eBikes all have brushless motors. Brushless motors have an internal freewheel so that the motor is stationary when powered off. This means that when you are not using the motor, there is no resistance from it; your eBike performs exactly as a bicycle would, aside from the added weight. 

Yes. We are able to source most parts for any electric bike we sell. We are interested in seeing you keep your eBike on the road for years to come so will provide after-sale support, including servicing and repairs, to maintain your electric bike.

No, you’re all good without one. If your eBike motor is 300 watts or less then you do not need a license or registration to ride it. All of our eBikes motors are 300W or below.

Lithium Ion batteries should last 5 or more years, depending on use and care. The batteries on all of our eBikes come with 2 year warranties, meaning the manufacturers stand by their product!

Northland eBikes has sold hundreds of eBikes over the last decade and in that time have only had to replace half a dozen batteries. We have customers with ten-year-old eBikes that are still riding them happily on their original battery.

In all of our eBikes the battery is key-locked onto the bike frame and is totally secure. Naturally you still have the option to unlock and take the battery with you.

Your eBike battery can be charged after every ride, or when it is flat. There is no need to fully discharge the battery before recharging it and we recommend topping up your battery with a short charge after each use, as lithium batteries actually prefer shallow discharges. 

Whatever you do, do not leave a battery with no charge for any length of time. After a matter of weeks, if left in a totally drained state, the battery will instigate a shut-down process that cannot be reversed. Please keep you battery charged if not being used for any length of time! (Or simply enjoy riding your eBike on a regular basis.)

This depends on the eBike, as battery sizes vary. Normally an eBike battery will take between 4-6 hours to fully charge, but only 1-2 hours to top up if you have ridden, say, only 20km.

Most of our eBikes will be able to travel 30-150km per charge, but this depends on a number of factors, including rider weight, PAS level, battery size, tyre pressures, terrain, temperature, Etc

Yes. Our electric bikes are weather-proof. Please be aware though, they are NOT waterproof. Riding through deep water that will submerge the motor could cause the system to fail.

Our off-road eBikes have cable connectors that meet the IP67 rating. However, while light rain isn’t a problem, persistent or driving rain can be. We do not recommend leaving any bicycle out in the rain including an electric bike. If your eBike is going to be exposed to extended rain you should use a bike cover, seal all connectors with insulation tape, and shield other electrical components from driving rain. 

Beyond standard bicycle maintenance, there is very little extra required. Just ensure that all moving parts are lubricated and that electrical components are not submerged.

Most electric bikes have a LCD console that perform self-diagnostics, should something go wrong, e.g., a speed sensor is out of alignment, the LCD console will generate a specific error code to tell you what component has failed. In most instances it is very simple to swap out or adjust faulty components but for the best results we recommend that you book your eBike in with our servicing team to rectify any such error codes.

Shipping & Returns

Anywhere in NZ, as long as we can find it on google maps!

2-5 business days, depending on your location & courier network congestion