Why Ebikes?

We believe an eBike is an investment – in your lifestyle, health & happiness, in a cleaner, greener world, and in your bank account (because imagine all the dosh you’ll save on petrol and parking fees!) – that, with attentive care and frequent use, will provide a valuable return well into the future.

What’s the eBike buzz all about?

That buzz might be the microscopic purr of your eBike motor – or, more likely, it is because there are so many good reasons to join the eBike revolution and let the fun begin:

  • Coast or whiz instead of crawl through slow, heavy traffic.
  • Are your cycling partners always fifty meters ahead of you? Or stopped for a rest break while you’re still struggling uphill? Not anymore! An eBike allows you to keep pace and enjoy the ride as well.
  • Can’t seem to fit that gym visit in? Exercise while you commute and fill two needs with one deed. Research has shown that eBikers ride longer and more often than traditional cyclists, and that eBikers actually gain more exercise than non-eBikers.
  • Who’s a cool cat? You are!  Want to ride to work but there is no shower on the other end? Don’t sweat it. With an electric bike you can just cruise if you choose and still arrive fresh.

Don’t have a Bucket List? Make a ‘Bike-It’ List instead.

eBikes are an excellent low-impact exercise option that gets you outdoors and living life. We have customers that have endured and recovered from serious medical ailments, who are now healing and getting back on their eBikes again, and feeling better for it.

  • Save money on petrol, parking, registration and other ongoing costs of owning a car or motorbike. 
  • Lost your license or can’t drive due to development or health issues?  An electric bike gives you the independence and freedom to get around on your own. Here at Northland eBikes we are a WINZ registered retailer.
  • Studies have shown that riding an eBike makes you a more awesome person. Okay, so we made that up but we kinda think there is some truth to it. 
  • eBikes are good for the soul because happiness is just a bike ride away.
  • Did you resolve this New Year to exercise more, drive less, and do your bit for the planet? With an eBike you can make your resolution a reality.