eBike Servicing & Repairs

Our certified eBike technicians provide full servicing, maintenance and repairs (including parts replacement as required) in our handy workshop adjoining our Whangarei store.

Prevention is better than the cure so having your eBike regularly serviced will help you to avoid unexpected repair bills in the future and keep your eBike running smooth and efficiently as possible minimising wear and extending component life.

Take advantage of our Customer Care pricing when you purchase your eBike from Northland eBikes for the time that you own the bike. Non Customer Care pricing is for bikes purchased from other stores.

Safety Check $69 - Customer Care Price $49

The service you want before a trip away, event or if you are pulling the bike out of the shed after winter and want it checked over to make sure its all good for summer cruising. 

  • Check and adjust gears
  • Check brakes & adjust 
  • Check & tighten all fasteners
  • Wipe chain and lubricate 
  • Inflate tyres

Standard service $169 - Customer Care Price $99

This service is recommended every 6-12 months depending on how often you ride and riding conditions. 

  • Check and adjust gears, lube shift cable
  • Check brakes & adjust, lube brake cables/clean & reset hydraulic brakes
  • Check & tighten all fasteners
  • Degrease chain and lubricate 
  • Tension spokes & perform minor wheel truing
  • Clean frame & inspect
  • Treat suspension & check settings
  • Extended test ride

Advanced Service $249 - Customer Care Price $189

Recommended for mountain bikes and commuter bikes that are ridden often in all conditions.

  • Check and adjust gears, replace shift cable
  • Check brakes & adjust, replace brake cables/clean & reset hydraulic brakes
  • Check & tighten all fasteners
  • Remove complete drive line, full degrease in parts washer and service derailleur
  • Service hubs 
  • Service Headset
  • Tension spokes & perform wheel true off bike in truing stand
  • Deep clean frame & wheels, inspect & polish
  • Treat suspension & check settings
  • Extended test ride


Warranty repairs.

Yes! We are happy to support you for warranty claims for bikes purchased elsewhere for brands that we sell or for other Bosch and Shimano equipped eBikes, however we charge an hourly rate and any other costs incurred for this service such as freight and consumables. 
If the warranty claim is rejected any costs incurred are billable and to be paid by the customer upon collection.

Warranty repairs for bikes sold by Northland eBikes are free of charge.

Enquire about a service below or call us on 09 430 7982

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