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The Basil Mara XL Double Bag is a stylish choice of bicycle bag for men and women’s bikes alike. This multicolor bike bag is also ideal for use with e-bikes. If you prefer to take your bike with you then drive to your destinations, chances are you’ll need some serious storage to cart your essentials to and from the places you need to be. With a generous 35 litre capacity, this double bike bag from Basil is the perfect companion for those bike rides. This double-sized storage solution means everything from packed lunches and personal items, to office essentials and the latest tech can be carried with you, while the hard-wearing polyester material keeps things dry in the event of a rain shower. Once you’ve loaded up this bag with everything you need for your journey, you can ensure everything stays in place securely thanks to handy snap-fasten clips and straps for easy attachment to the luggage carrier of your bike. You’ll also find two tires at the top so you can attach things like LED lights, fasteners, a child seat or a spring clamp. Double reflective accents guarantee increased visibility in the dark, helping you stay on the right side of road safety. In addition to this brilliant bag, you’ll find an epic selection of must-have items and accessories online at Basil. Browse the entire range today.


  • The Basil Mara XL is a double bike bag with a total capacity of 35 litres.
  • Double-sided reflective accents make sure you always stay visible on the road at night or in limited light.
  • This bag is constructed from water-repellent polyester, helping keep your essentials dry during rainy weather.
  • This double-sized bike bag easily attaches to your luggage carrier with the use of practical straps and fasteners.
Basil Mara XL Double Bag - Meadow