BBB eBike Sprocket Boost 148 Compatible

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Bosch eBike Sprocket / Chainring for Gen2 Performance Line CX

Ready for the real hard work. The eBike Sprocket is, as the name suggests, a sprocket for your ebike. Hardened steel and it meets the special e-bike standard. Perfect to renew your Bosch system and ride as much as you did before. Can be used in 2 orientations for use with boost and non boost rear hubs for better chain line set up. A new lock ring is included. 


Sizes 14T, 16T

Suitable for 11-speed, 10-speed, 9-speed, 8-speed, Single speed 


BBB 16T Ebike Sprocket BCR-70e
BBB 14T Ebike Sprocket BCR-70e
BBB Ebike Sprocket BCR-70e Lockring