Bontrager E6 Hard Case Lite eBike Tyre

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The E-6 is an e-bike-specific tyre designed to offer confident traction and lasting performance for the speeds and needs of eBike riders. The E-6 is approved for electric bike use up to 50 km/hr.

Reflective sidewalls increase visibility and the Hard-Case Lite puncture protection is optimised for the increased speeds and demands of eBike riders.


  • Smoothly rolling tread provides a lot of confidence in the city and on asphalt
  • Approved for e-bikes with speeds up to 50km/h
  • Meets the unique requirements of the use of e-bikes
  • Hard-Case Lite is optimized with a 1mm thick Kevlar puncture protection layer, which provides a great ride feel and durability
  • Reflective tire sidewalls for extra visibility
Bontrager E6 Hard Case Lite eBike Tyre