Bosch Aftermarket Kit Intuvia 100

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The easy-to-understand everyday companion

Intuvia 100 gives you an intuitive display which you can start riding immediately. Thanks to the large font, the display is particularly clearly designed and, together with the shift recommendation, gives you more safety and comfort when riding. Operation is intuitive via the control unit - so your hands stay safely on the handlebars. 

Important data

Intuvia 100 provides information with data on distance, trip duration, range, speed, time and riding mode.

Exact battery level

Intuvia displays information about the charge level of the eBike battery with 100 percent accuracy.

Helpful shift recommendation

Coming soon: Get guidance on when to shift gears - and increase your range.

Info about theft protection

Intuvia 100 shows you whether eBike Lock is active and motor support is deactivated.

Bosch Aftermarket Kit Intuvia 100