Bosch Kiox Aftermarket Kit

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Small display that's got it all! This kit includes everything you need to enhance your eBike with a Bosch drivetrain to a Kiox display. 

The Bosch Kiox retrofit kit includes:


Bosch Kiox display headunit BUI330 - 1270016821
Bosch Compact control unit (incl. 290 mm connection cable) - 1270016829
Bosch Kiox display holder - 1270016822
Bosch Kiox mounting plate (incl. magnets) - 1270016823
Bosch Drive Unit cable (1500 mm) - 1270016825

Bosch Kiox display (BUI330)

Kiox is the on-board computer for ambitious sporty riders. Kiox has all the classic functions of an on-board computer, while at the same time giving you access to the digital world via the smartphone app. The colour display gives you all riding data at a glance. Kiox can record your trips and send all the relevant data via the smartphone's Bluetooth connection to the eBike Connect online portal.

This makes Kiox your perfect companion on every ride. Using Bluetooth technology to connect with an optional chest strap enables you to check your current heart rate at all times, thus getting the most out of your training. The Bluetooth low energy interface also enables updates to the software to be downloaded onto your on-board computer without requiring a cable connection.


4th generation:

Performance Line CX (BDU4XX)

Performance Line Speed (BDU4XX)

Cargo Line/Speed (BDU4XX)


3rd generation:

Active Line (BDU3XX)

Active Line Plus (BDU3XX)

Performance Line (BDU3XX)


2nd generation:

Active Line (BDU2XX)

Performance Line/Speed (BDU2XX)

Performance Line CX (BDU2XX)

Bosch Kiox Aftermarket Kit
Bosch Kiox Aftermarket Kit

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