Tineli Black Core Jersey

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You might not even notice at first, but the extra effort Tineli put into the finishing details of their garments, such as high load areas like the pockets, means they'll last you twice as long. Featuring QuickDry as the ultimate moisture management fabric. It wicks sweat away from your skin to the surface of the fabric where it evaporates quicker keeping you cooler and drier.

Waffle texture on a cycling garment causes turbulence in the thin layer of air closest to the dimples. This layer of turbulent air is able to follow the contours of the garment much longer creating a smaller wake and lower drag. (This is also known as the golf ball effect because it's why golf balls have dimples).


Highly breathable QuickDry fabric in the main front and rear panels.
Waffle texture fabric through sleeves and side panels.
Double-stitched pockets and hems for durability.
Full-length invisible zip.
Silicone hem.

Tineli Black Core Jersey